Student Broad Left

Student Broad Left

Student Broad Left is a network of progressive activists established to break through the logjam in the politics of NUS which has isolated the student movement from the most progressive struggles in Britain and internationally over many years, and which prevented the NUS from properly defending the interests of its own members.

In the short time of its existence the Broad Left has had an impact out of all proportion to its numbers in changing the politics of NUS including playing a key role in constructing the broad coalition 'United for Education' which forced Labour Students, after 18 years, out of the Presidential candidacy of NUS and has created a realignment of the leadership and a National Executive policy of 'Grants not Fees.'

We put the interests of students and the wider society first and therefore attempt to build the broadest possible alliances on a principled basis. This has meant working with the Campaign for Free Education for grants, Labour Students and UJS for the NUS black student officer, with SWSS against the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and with Labour Students and students in Ireland in support of the Good Friday Agreement.

The goal of all this activity is to establish a new politics and a new progressive leadership in NUS that puts the interests of students and the wider society first, whatever party is in Government

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If you agree with aims of the Student Broad Left would like to join, or want more information, please contact Sophie Bolt on 07930 235791